“Should I Join The Military?” (Podcast)


I receive an email from a guy who feels like he needs a career change.  He’s lost his motivation and drive in his present job, and feels it’s time to move on.

He is considering the military, but doesn’t know if it is the right thing to do.

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8 thoughts on ““Should I Join The Military?” (Podcast)

  1. If anyone has a chance to join the military for 3-6 months (summer until mid winter) it would be a valuable experience even if you don’t really like it or not sure about it. My military conscription was mandatory but it taught me a lot of things like networking with people who have higher ranks than me, appreciating a lot of stuff that I previously did not appreciate.

    You don’t have to go to war or anything like that, just go through the basic training and pick up a trade while you are in there. It could be servicing tanks or handling documents but it’s a valuable learning experience.


  2. One of my big regret is not having joined the military. It would have done me a lot more good to have spent at least 3 months doing basic training than waste 5 years of my life in a university. Besides working out religiously, do you have any suggestions as to how to compensate for the lack of military experience?



  3. To steal a quote from Generation Kill, “there are layers of retardation in the military that you don’t even know about”. As a civilian, you don’t have much of an idea what serving is like day to day.

    Also, Quintus lightly touched on the number of worthless people among the ranks. It’s true the worst get weeded out, but plenty stay in and rise through the ranks to make life horrible for others. Nowadays, the military is also diseased with diversity and gender initiatives, so keep that in mind if you’re a white man.

    Joining the military to escape boredom is a real laugher. A lot of time in the military is either spent doing something you don’t want to do or waiting to do something you don’t want to do.

    However, doing a hitch in any service isn’t a bad thing. You’ll become more hardened to life. You’ll learn to embrace the suck, as they say. If you do it, you’ll be proud of your service even if you didn’t particularly like it.

    Bottom line, it’s ok to join the military but don’t join with any illusions.

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