Why We Need To Restore The Military Draft


I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and have decided that the arguments in favor of it are far more compelling than those against it.  These are the reasons.

Health Of The Youth

We’ve heard over and over how the obesity problem is destroying the population.  And yet, to date, nothing adequate has been done to address the problem.  At some point, the US (and most of the “developed” world) will have to decide what sort of society they wish to live in.

Do we want a collection of pencil-necked, flabby geeks, or do we want real men and real women?  The choice is becoming ever more pressing.

Most of the blame, unfortunately, cannot be placed at the feet of the youth.  It is the responsibility of the older generations to raise and train them in the correct manner.  And this responsibility has been shamefully abdicated.  The elders have chosen to enrich themselves and plunder their societies and the expense of future generations.  This must end.  Those who betrayed their responsibilities must be held to account.

You are part of a group, to which you owe duties and responsibilities.

The weight of responsibility on the youth has become too great.  They are bombarded with tests, programs, rules, medications, and a thousand restrictions.  Normal, healthy expressions of identity are being shamed or repressed.  The vast majority of young people would be far, far better off marching around the countryside with a pack on their backs than sitting in some classroom learning about some politically correct nonsense in a classroom taught by some degenerate weakling.

All of this has the net effect of turning the youth into neurotic, fat weaklings who are more concerned with their Twitter followers and Facebook likes than they are about how many dead-hang pullups they can do, or how fast they can run three miles.  We have forgotten that a healthy mind can never reside in a body that is not strong, fit, and resilient.  The emphasis, in fact, needs to be on physical training, at least at the initial stages of education.

Having A Stake In The Society

Healthy societies do not function without the active participation of their constituent members.  If we had a situation where every young man and woman were drafted to serve, say, 18 months or so in a national military force, the social benefits would be tremendous.

Young people of different social classes, ethnic groups, and regions of the country would be forced to interact with each other.  They would see that they are not so different in thought and outlook.  The effect would be to bind together the youth in a shared hardship, a shared experience.  This is what is lacking in youth now.

There is too much individualism, too much selfishness, and too much arrogance.  Every little boy and girl considers himself or herself a little prince.  They can hunch their shoulders over on the metro, crouched before their iPhone god, and imagine that they are something very important.  They are not.  They are part of the same organic material as everything else in this world.  And they need to have this lesson pounded into them.

Arrogance, anti-social behavior, and selfishness are corrupting weaknesses that must be purged.

Arrogance and selfishness foster anti-social behaviors.  But this is easily cured, if only the will is there to solve the problem.  I truly believe that much of the crime, drug problems, indiscipline, and rebelliousness of people today could be solved by forcing them to undergo rigorous military training for an extended period.  All of the anti-social behavior would be wrung right out of them.  Very quickly.

Shared hardships and rigorous training would wring out the selfishness and arrogance of the youth in the same way that we squeeze water from a sponge.

Too few young people vote.  Too many believe that they are special and unique.  Too many lack proper respect for authority and for institutions.  Too many have delusions that could easily be cured by experience in leading and being led.  Our society has traditionally emphasized individualism over communitarianism, but I think that the time has come when we need to rebalance these values.  The good of the community and the society must come before that of the individual.


Everybody needs to have some “skin in the game.”  Everyone needs to have some stake in the outcome.  When this happens, things just take on an added dimension of importance.  All of those useless warm bodies sitting in chairs in Congress and the Senate need to have a personal stake in the outcome.  Hardly any of them–any at all–were in the military or have close relatives in the military.

When everyone has a stake in the outcome, the society works better.  Consider one example from history.

At one point in ancient Greece, there came a time when every able-bodied male was able to participate in military affairs.  Every reasonably well-off citizen could fit himself with armor and, as one historian put it, “go off to battle in panoply.”  Hoplite tactics (fighting done by regiments of foot-soldiers in formation) came to be the norm.  Metal-smiths were able to produce armor more easily.

The participation by Greek citizens in military affairs deeply affected the development of political institutions in ancient Greece.

This revolution in military affairs had social effects as well.  The aristocratic citizen and the commoner were placed on equal footing in the field.  They mixed with each other.  They interacted with each other.  Social and psychological barriers came down.  This development in military affairs had a profound influence on the constitutions of the various Greek city-states.  Even in Sparta:  for there, the ephors became invested with significant political power.

Promotion Of Responsible Behavior

As already stated above, good things happen when men get together with men, and when women get together with women.  Youth learn that they are not the center of the universe (which is what our Internet-based social system currently teaches).  They learn that they have to get along with others, to make compromises, to stand up for themselves, and to work in groups.

Leadership lessons naturally sink in better when individuals are forced to interact with each other in groups.

Benefits To The Nation

A universal draft would create a corpus of men and women who could be ready for activation in the case of a national emergency.  Frivolous wars would be less likely when everyone is aware that they might be required to participate.  As said above, everyone has to have a stake in the outcome of the commonwealth for it to function properly.

We need to learn that we are not the center of the universe.

What Would This Look Like?

I have given my reasons why I believe this is a good (and necessary) idea.  The practical details of something like this could easily be worked out.  I personally think the following points are important:

  • The sexes should be segregated.  Men should be with men, and women with women.  Mixing the two creates problems with fraternization, upholding of physical standards, and other unnecessary distractions.  Both men and women benefit from military training, but we must go about it in a way that takes into account the characteristics of each sex.  It does no good to lie about these matters, or to pretend that differences do not exist.
  • Terms of military service should be between 12 and 18 months.  Not much more than that is needed.  But citizens should be required to maintain physical standards for at least a decade after that.
  • The military should not be seen as a way for some to sponge off the government.  It does not exist to take care of your kids, or to wipe your nose for you.  “Benefits” and “entitlements” should be kept to a minimum.

This represents my thinking on this issue.  My book Thirty-Seven contained, among other things, my views on the education and training of the youth.  You can find it here.


26 thoughts on “Why We Need To Restore The Military Draft

  1. Making it compulsory makes it like the public schools. It then becomes a plaything of the social engineers, another avenue for them to massage the minds of the youth.

    Standards would be lowered. Sex segregation wouldn’t last. The values being passed on would be perverted into mockeries.

    Also, wasn’t it the case during Vietnam that rampant drug use was problem?

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    • Bullshit. Those are just lame excuses. The whole point is to change the value system and way people think. We need to get people out in groups, interacting, exerting themselves physically, and learning the lessons of life. Kids need to get off the video games and into the real world. Like anything, institutions can be corrupted over time. But so what? Does that mean we’re not supposed to try? What we have now is a pile of shit, and that needs to change. Fast.


      • Unfortunately, he’s right, Curtius. Take this from an infantryman in the 82nd: you’re assuming that the culture at large and Congress specifically would ensure that these young men and women would learn all of those good things you talked about, when in fact it would simply turn into adult daycare. It’s that way now (largely), and would be even more so if every young person had to serve.

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        • I’ve given what you’re saying some thought as well, and I think we make too many assumptions about military service having the ability to actually mold people’s minds into good citizenship. Plenty of men were drafted in World War II and then came home and supported the destructive progressive thought they had before. Some of the worst men in history were excellent soldiers (Marshal Tito actually comes to mind).

          When someone comes from a fatherless home and has been raised by the state for 12 years, I really don’t think 18 months of training will go very far in fixing that. It may make them more manly in the classical sense, a fine thing, but do we really want more manly and capable progressives?

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        • I was on active duty in the USMC for four years and in the reserves for a few more after that. So I’m not just some random guy with no frame of reference here.

          Remember that I never said that universal service would cure everything. I never said that at all. But it at least would get people up off their asses and throw them into an environment where they’re forced to mix with each other.

          Adult daycare? You can call it that if you want, but I could just as easily call it adult improvement.
          And judging by the slime-bags and shitheads I see walking around every day, they need all the help they can get. That’s how bad it’s gotten.


          • “I was on active duty in the USMC for four years and in the reserves for a few more after that.”

            I’m aware of your service and have no intention of dick-measuring with you. But the operative word in that sentence is “was.” You’re not in the service anymore and therefore you have no exposure to the day-to-day life of the military. I do, and I’m telling you, mandatory service will do no good.

            “Remember that I never said that universal service would cure everything.”

            Noted. But what I’m saying is that it won’t cure anything. Those ‘slime-bags and shitheads’ to which you refer will simply be ‘slime-bags and shitheads’ with a uniform. It won’t change anything, because the culture at large simply will not mandate it.

            And yes, ‘adult daycare’ is what I call it, because that’s what it is. Beneficial mandatory service requires a culture that demands high standards of its youth. That culture is gone, in part due to this not being a white country anymore (it needs to be at least 90% white to qualify as such) and partly due to us having grown soft as the reigning superpower.

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            • I just don’t think the answer is to give up and do nothing. If the culture is shit, then we should try to change it. The way to do that is to start with creating a new ethic. There are no other options at this point. People must be forced to participate in groups, forced to improve their physical fitness, and forced to learn that they are not the center of the universe.


  2. I guess America would benefit in two ways: The homogenization of society values and public awareness of the involvement of America in so many unwinnable wars.
    America is nothing but a social centrifuge right now, with every social group being hostile to the others and demanding special treatment and privileges at the cost of a sinking and disappearing White middle class. There’s no unity, no sharing of values and unified purpose. If you have the future doers of American society, that is, the young men from all the races and social levels being shaped in an environment of equality of resources and values you can create a new generation thigh to values such as patriotism, accountability, hardworking and the abiding of the law.
    Most of American people’s apathy to the wars their Government wages around the World is due to the fact that American Army is professional and relatively small, disconnected from the rest of society. American people simply don’t care if hundreds or thousands of soldiers die in an unnecessary war because they are no longer ‘their’ people. Something quite different would happened if, at the slightest possibility of a war people see how their sons, grandsons, cousins can be sent to wage a war for Israel where no American national interest is threatened. For all its virtues and faults, the key factor in the success in the Vietnam War protests was that White middle class saw how their children were dying thousands of miles away for no clear reasons. People would get involved politically to stop the madness of American Zionist hawks.
    Finally, as for women being drafted. I have never believed in that and I don’t believe it now. Women are not made for wars. However, I think there can be a kind of special social services draft for them. Let’s say that you can have women drafted and quartered for a period of two or four weeks in a semi military environment to teach them basic training in first aid techniques, nursing or logistics. Teach them how to revive someone, give a shot, or to cook for a thousand people in an emergency situation. This would work to create a sense of social bonding and skills they can use later at marriage.


    • Great comments, Uri. I generally agree with you. In multi-ethnic nation like the USA, there needs to be a way to forge common experiences among all the youth. Not just for some, but for all. Everyone needs a stake in the outcome. Things become a lot more important when you’re ass is on the line.


  3. Not until; We no longer go abroad searching for monsters to slay, and we the people, decide what the national interest rally is.


  4. I take it you have no male children coming of age?

    Until every single American Citizen of draftable age is drafted, without exception, and when every parasite illegal in this country who benefits from our service and sacrifice is deported, will I consider you proposal relevant for my sons.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go out in public as a hated, privileged White male.


    • Quintus, You are a good man the best I can tell from your writing and from your personal history you have shared with us. I have purchased all of your books. My comments may have been harsh, and I appologize, but my point remains. The United State’s foreign policy and military have been hijacked by a cabal of neocons who have used our military for purposes that have nothing to do with American interest. At the same time the American male, in particular the White American male has been vilified by the same forces that hope to deflect attention from the failures of our political elite.

      From the office of government statistics 1/6/2015: war casualties in all operations from 2003-2014. 98.7% male, 86% white.

      It seems to me that fighting for a system that holds open contempt for a segment of the population that has given so much, and fighting on behalf of other nations and central bankers is not in the best interest of our young men. When we get back to honoring our Constitution, and removing ourselves from foreign entanglements then I would see the value of your proposal. In the context of our current state of affairs, it is nothing more than a waste of good lives and does nothing for the security of the United States. Imposing forced service on young men at this time will only breed contempt, and protest.


      • I understand what you’re saying, Mike. Thanks for being direct. It’s a sentiment I’ve heard a lot of. But this is my answer.
        I think you’re looking at this the wrong way. Don’t look at it like you’re “fighting for a system.” When you join the military, think of it as something you are doing to better yourself. To teach yourself lessons, to improve your own skills, and to make an impact on your own life. That’s why people join. They don’t do it for abstract reasons, but for concrete reasons.
        I just can’t bring myself to believe that “all is lost” and we should all just check out and ride off into the sunset. I find that sentiment to be too extreme, and too negative. This is our country, our land, and our system, too. If there are problems, we should make efforts to correct them as best we can, in our own way.
        Where are we going to run off to, Mike? Where? At some point in life, you have to take a stand and fight it out. At some point, there is no other option.
        You have to stand and fight. No retreats any more. We are not going to abandon the field to the forces of darkness.
        Imposing forced service on everyone is one small step in eradicating the rot that has come to infect the national body. Weakness and selfishness needs to be drummed out of the youth, and replaced with a healthier ethic.


  5. The Founding Fathers tied up voting with having some kind of a stake in the outcome. I think it was a grave mistake to remove that.

    I had been thinking about this in a few ways, and one way to have a stake (and therefore vote) is to serve in the military.

    I also agree that frivolous wars would be less likely. I’ve had the standard of a “draft test” for a while now.

    Still undecided on a universal draft like Switzerland as I generally am averse to compulsion, but I would tie military service in with voting. If you want to vote, serving in the military is one way to get that privilege.

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  6. Physical fitness is already being watered down in the services. In the Army soldiers who get fat and and can’t pass a PT test are honorably discharged (after months of trying to help them). Officers and NCOs, especially minority females, are often not held to account for being out of shape.

    Bottom line, shame for being fat is long gone in America and it’s becoming scarce in the services as well.


  7. John T Reed wrote a good article a while back about why we need a draft: http://johntreed.com/blogs/john-t-reed-s-blog-about-military-matters/66448067-should-there-be-a-military-draft . I grew up believing in the “all volunteer” military, but since reading Reed’s article, I’m starting to see why it’s a good idea.

    Personally, I think any elite neocon commentator agitating for war should be immediately yanked out of the newsroom and sent to Army boot camp with a 4 year mandatory service requirement, along with any children they may have of draftable age.

    I read an article in VFW Magazine last year about how the elite used to serve. Many of the Roosevelt children served with distinction in WWII.


  8. I must disagree. Whenever we theoretically had a draft, the armed forces were hollowed out, so as not to offend the tender-minded. The intended benefits don’t happen, save in times of declared war. Instead, I think we need to go the other way. Implement the Heinlein/Pournelle/Kratman solution: you don’t get to vote unless you voluntarily join, and stay part of the reserves after honorable discharge.


  9. My country has a Military Draft which call here, National Service. You have to serve a mandatory two years. I agree with it for the most part. Teaches men necessary and useful skills etc. I certainly enjoyed and took much pride from my service.

    However the downside is because we’ve spent two years serving, upon ending of our service we are at a time disadvantage. Seeing as how small my country is and my governments propensity to welcome huge amounts of foreigners(It’s globalisation i get it, whole world is doing it), getting a job afterwards is difficult. By the time you finish University, you’ll be 27/28 with very little in the way of experience. Most comanies would much rather give the job to a younger foreign expat with more experience or to the local women who dont have to serve.

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  10. Yes, that’s a great point. I know what you mean. I experienced a taste of that in the 1990s when I got out after 4 years of active duty. Civilians don’t appreciate it, even though every employer says they do. In reality, they don’t.
    But I think the major reason for that is just this: IGNORANCE. They just don’t know anything about the military. They never grew up in a draft, never served, and have no frame of reference. That would change completely if everyone had to serve. The whole society would change. And that’s what we desperately need.


  11. I thought about this post again recently, after seeing footage of all the recent protests and statue-topplings, etc. It’s striking to see the wretched physical condition of so many people in these crowds of agitators. In fact, it’s beyond wretched: some of these people are hideous to even look at- and this is just an average cross-section of college kids!
    A potential military draft would be a steep uphill climb for sure, since the rot has spread through the barrel to such an extent. Even more disturbing is the fact that the opposite trend seems to be happening: the military appears to be acquiring more of the degeneracy of the general population than the other way around.


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