A Few Questions (Podcast)


We deal with two questions in this podcast.  One question involves a reader’s concerns about procrastination.  Another involves a question about a passage from my book On Duties.

Brought to you by Fortress of the Mind Publications.  This podcast can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Play, and on iTunes.

To find out more information about decision-making and its nuances, you should take look at my book On Duties.


5 thoughts on “A Few Questions (Podcast)

  1. Excellent podcast to start the day with. I’m struggling with procrastination myself with an important project and what I really need to do is to just suck it up and go. And although motivation is important, I think it really has more to do with discipline.

    The problem with this generation, my generation, is that they’ve been trained from a young age to do what they’re told and be motivated by an external force from above (ie. parents and teachers). And this being the information age, all these youngsters think if they just gain the right information, a light bulb will go off in their head and they’ll suddenly do the right thing. It’s a lack of self-motivation combined with the desire for easy path and quick results. A lack of accountability really.

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  2. Yes. Excellent. I would add that I found, in my case and after getting the shit kicked out of me for a long period of time, that I was becoming a procrastinator because my morale had become so low. Sir William Slim’s experience in the jungles is an interesting case study in determining problems and adapting. Regaining morale and getting the fuck on with things.

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