Five Lessons Drawn From Recent Emails (Podcast)


Out of some recent emails, I’ve extracted five lessons that are worth remembering.



This podcast was brought to you by Fortress of the Mind Publications.  It can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, Google Play, and on iTunes.


To learn more about this and other related life lessons, check out my On Duties, which is the most readable and organized version of this classic available.

4 thoughts on “Five Lessons Drawn From Recent Emails (Podcast)

  1. This is one of your best, and most accessible, podcasts to date.

    It’s genuinely sad that mentoring no longer happens as it once did – I think both the potential mentor and mentee miss out, somehow – but distilled wisdom like this podcast certainly helps fill that gap.

    You’ve done an excellent job here Quintus, thanks.

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  2. What a breath of fresh air this podcast was! I chuckled a few times while listening to it.

    So many of us have all these loose pool balls (so to speak) clattering around in our heads – listening to this is the equivalent of chalking up, so we can shoot those pool balls into their holes!


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