The Legal Merits Of The Michelle Carter “Texting Suicide” Appeal (Podcast)

In this podcast (a companion piece to my article posted here yesterday), we discuss the legal merits of Michelle Carter’s appeal of her involuntary manslaughter conviction in the notorious “texting suicide” trial.

What were the relevant issues in the case?
Was the conviction proper?
What is the likelihood of the conviction surviving appellate review?

This podcast is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Google Play.  Click here to access all these options.  


3 thoughts on “The Legal Merits Of The Michelle Carter “Texting Suicide” Appeal (Podcast)

  1. Enjoyed the thorough explanations in the podcast and the footnotes were more than helpful in the article. I look forward to anymore of the types of articles but assume these require more effort than most.

    Honestly, I think it’s disgusting. Regardless of the gender dynamics, it just depicts the lack of moral guidance these days.

    [There was also a fairly controversial case regarding the NHS and Charlie Gard. Where it could be argued that the parent’s were attention seeking (Still no word on what they are doing with the £1.3M. Do they give back to the donor/charity?), the US Dr. wanting to make quick buck out of it and the attack on our staff and medical reputation due to the ordeal.]

    Here’s to the few that continue to be a positive force and to those that care to listen.

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    • Yes, Will, I agree with you. You might enjoy the movie “River’s Edge” which came out in the 1980s. A very underappreciated movie that deals with the themes of morally adrift youth.


      • Just read a brief summary and seems like my type of story. I haven’t watched a film in years.

        Thanks a lot Q. Keep up the good stuff while sharing that plethora of knowledge you have in your head.

        Being a good father or mother is definitely undervalued today. Such a shame.

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