How To Solve The North Korea Problem (Podcast)

What is the motive behind North Korea’s belligerent behavior? Who is pulling the strings in the background? And what is the best way to resolve this situation? We discuss the power realities in East Asia and explore some options for the United States at home and abroad.


This podcast is available in a number of formats, including iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Google Play.

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2 thoughts on “How To Solve The North Korea Problem (Podcast)

  1. Great Podcast!

    It’s amazing to see how we’ve been played the fool in this North Korea game. But you hit the nail on the head QC, unless the American Elites start really caring about the real economic independence of the USA, we will never be able to squeeze China. The Chinese care about their economic dependence, which is why they steal patents and kick out any initial joint foreign venture, and have a highly protectionist trade policy. They are also diversifying away from the US, which soon will make our economic leverage irrelevant anyway. I see increasing humiliation for the US regarding North Korea. We won’t do anything.


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