Why You Should See “Blade Runner 2049” (Podcast)

In this podcast we talk about Denis Villenueve’s new film, the visually dazzling Blade Runner 2049.  In conception and execution, this film accomplishes the rare feat of being a sequel that is entirely worthy of its predecessor.  We’ll give a few reasons why this movie is worth a careful viewing, and why I think it is a triumph of cinematic art.



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5 thoughts on “Why You Should See “Blade Runner 2049” (Podcast)

  1. I saw it yesterday.
    I have to agree with the fact that it is a worthy successor and I’m quite happy to agree with your review a though I myself had some observations:

    -Sean Young’s digital resurrection- there is something disturbing-dare I say even insulting?- about this trend of digitally resurrecting/rejuvenating actors on screen. At risk of engaging in a long boring philosophical reflection on It, suffice it to say that the whole idea brings back shades of that strange movie called “the congress”.

    -The coming revolution plot:
    Completely anti-climatic, if it was mentioned as a passing reference it would actually help the setting as things like this often happen even in our *real* world today (and in the time periods from which the setting draws its noir inspiration from).
    Sadly it feels as if it was setting the ground for further sequels and a worrisome planet of the apes scenario.

    I like the idea, however for those of us who played the fabled blade runner graphic adventure game from 1997 for PC it will feel as a bit too much of the same thing, many would enjoy a focus on less endowed protagonists so to speak but that is a minor objection.

    Female police officer/chief:
    This is an interesting thing for me being a big fan of the cyberpunk genre ,which the french and Italians have managed to maintain and turn it into their own.
    This archetype of a character often appears in french cyberpunk films and comics, so I’m wondering what influence it may have had over the french-canadian director.
    (for reference, here are Two recent french cyberpunk films : Ares & Chrysalis)

    – Finally and at the risk of spoilers, Harrison Ford:
    Love to see him in such good shape (seemed to have a paunch which at his age is understandable but those arms have been seeing a lot of training!)
    However,isn’t it strange that since the steaming trash that was Indiana Jones 4 and with some exceptions (Ender’s game) the man has always been cast into an older version of a character he’s already played watching over the young uns ?
    I understand they did the same thing with his character in the last star wars movie (which thankfully I did not watch)

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  2. I have just watched the film on your recommendation and it´s damn good cinema, prettty much on par with the original Blade Runner!

    When I first learned of the sequel I thought it would be one of those cases in which they destroy a classic just for money, but thankfully this is far from being the case.

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