The Need To Escape (Podcast)

The theme of this podcast is the subject of escape, and how it is connected with travel and discovery. We explore this theme through the prism of two recent movies: “The Last Days” (2013) and “The Way Back” (2010).


This podcast can be heard in various platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube.



3 thoughts on “The Need To Escape (Podcast)

  1. Excellent piece. That you offer nothing for advice other than staying in the game is probably the best thing you can do to write to such a topic. I’ve been involved in something of a breakout of my own for years now and it’s not over yet. It has taken my mental endurance far past the point I actually thought I had in me. Not stopping or being stopped becomes your primary strategy. Opportunities present from time to time and you go after them with fervor…and when they fail you do extensive post mortems. Those looking for magic bullets for doing extremely difficult things are those who will never succeed in the long run.

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