“Pantheon” Is Now Available As An Audio Book

First published in 2015, Pantheon:  Adventures in History, Biography, and the Mind is now available as an audio book.

This collection of essays contains such classics as “Hatred Is A Poison,” “Ice Odyssey:  Douglas Mawson’s Race Against Death,” “The Limits Of Power,” “The Consolation Of The Natural World,” and “The Fortress Of The Mind,” along with many others.  Also included is a unique discussion of Neoplatonism that summarizes and explains every book of Plotinus’s Enneads.

Engagingly read by Saethon Williams, Pantheon ranges through history, biography, and philosophy to extract inspiring and timeless lessons for modern listeners. The pervasive themes include courage in adversity, character and fate, moral problems, and the transcendent search for life’s lessons.