Obsession, Judgment, And Restraint (Podcast)

At what point does a man’s dedication turn into obsession? And at what point can this obsession turn self-destructive? What role should judgment and restraint play in our lives? We discuss these issues, and offer the example of storm chaser Tim Samaras.

The book I refer to in the podcast is this one.

This podcast can be heard in iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, and YouTube.


Read more in Sallust, which studies the origins and consequences of hubris and obsession. Available in paperback, Kindle, and audio book:

2 thoughts on “Obsession, Judgment, And Restraint (Podcast)

  1. This is something that I have experienced and reflected on as a biologist. The field can be a dangerous place and I’ve found myself in some extremely dangerous situations while doing research, especially while alone. In some of these unexpected situations, I have had to set my mission aside for my safety despite massive temptation to continue it. The mind can get obsessed with The Quest at the cost of everything else, and it’s very easy for an irrational mindset to take control. For some of us, the desire to know and discover the mysteries of our slice of the world can be all-consuming at times.

    There’s an interesting blog post from 2011 that is continually updated titled “The Wall of the Dead: A Memorial to Fallen Naturalists.” In this compilation, there are a number of naturalists who have died “doing what they love.” Every few years I remember this blog post out of the blue and reread the entire thing. I am humbled every time I read through it, as I see myself in some of these fallen naturalists.



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