“Sallust” Is Now Available In Hardcover

Fortress of the Mind Publications is pleased to announce that Sallust:  The Conspiracy of Catiline and The War of Jugurtha is now available in a beautiful hardcover edition on Amazon and all other major book retailers.  With extensive annotations, maps, photos, indexes, chronological tables, and an acclaimed introduction, this is a book designed to last for generations.  Fully outfitted for comprehension and efficient referencing, this book–like all of Quintus Curtius’s translations–is a self-contained unit and requires no previous familiarity with the subject matter.  It can be read and enjoyed by anyone, not just specialists.

Considered the first of the great Roman historians, Sallust has been read and studied for centuries for his compelling characterizations, brilliant style, and his penetrating insights on the psychology of power.  His profiles of flawed men led inexorably to ruin by excessive ambition or character defects resonate with us today more powerfully than ever.  These compelling works deserve our careful attention.

The Conspiracy of Catiline tells the dramatic story of renegade senator Lucius Catiline’s attempt to seize power in Rome during the waning days of the republic.  The War of Jugurtha recounts the rise and fall of the headstrong Numidian king Jugurtha, who waged a bitter insurgent war against Rome from 112 to 106 B.C.