Fortaleza’s Fish Market And Ecological Park

Today I visited Fortaleza’s fish market and a few other sights.  Fish markets have always fascinated me; I remember making a point of seeing Tokyo’s the last time I was there in 2014.  In Fortaleza, the selection revolves around different types of local fishes, lobster, octopus, and a few other things.  The arrangement is very simple:  buyers purchase what they want, then sit at the tables near the market.  For a nominal fee, the food is cooked and served up to you on the spot.

The view is perfect, and the ambiance only slightly perturbed by the extreme aggressiveness of the vendors who weave through the tables, offering everything that one has no interest in buying.  We ordered shrimp again, as the day before, and some whitebait type of fish that I supposed was manjubinha.  It apparently is not, and has another name that I cannot recall.  After this we thought to see some sights in Fortaleza.  The most interesting of these was the Ecological Park (Parque Ecologico).  We did not see many animals besides lizards and a few white cranes, but the dense forest gives the visitor a feeling of isolated serenity.

After this we visited a famous ice cream shop named 50 Sabores (50 Flavors), which is very close to the beach.

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