“How Should I Be Planning For My Future?” (Podcast)

A young man of 24 years has a lot of questions running through his head. He doesn’t know what he should be focusing on right now, and is not sure he should focus on business growth, travel, or family issues. Young men by nature are idealistic and vigorous, and sometimes need guidance to point them in the right direction.  We offer some suggestions.


This podcast can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, and YouTube.


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9 thoughts on ““How Should I Be Planning For My Future?” (Podcast)

  1. After listening: I revert back to what my father told me:

    I Thouroughbreed has 2 minds….

    H is a thoroughbred as most of your listeners are, by nature.

    He has his doing mind which is built by his background and breeding, which may and most likely not satisfy his yearnings.

    He also has his thinking mind, the one that listens to you and questions everything.

    The thinking mind finds adventure; while, the doing mind finds normalities.

    As for the foundations, Quintus lays out nicely.

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  2. Good stuff, Q. I’m sure you know the value of the stuff you do. It’s so lacking today. I’m glad I found you when I was basically the same age!

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