The Multimixer Moment (Podcast)

In life there are certain crisis points that may lead to fateful decisions.  Recognizing these points, and acting decisively when they are reached, is the mark of a true man of action.  When you are on a track that you don’t want to be on, you will eventually have to choose one of two options:  accept your present circumstances, or take dramatic action to break out of your situation.  This crisis point, this moment of decision, what I call the “Multimixer Moment.”  It’s a reference to a scene in the 2016 film The Founder, a movie about how a traveling salesman named Ray Kroc founded the McDonald’s franchise.



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Read more on fateful decisions in Sallust:

2 thoughts on “The Multimixer Moment (Podcast)

  1. Act decisively and let fortune allow to let the chips fall as they may.

    There is so much wisdom in this statement that you could write a book on it. Nobody accomplishes anything without action. Intentions, doubts, and inherent risks are all irrelevant. Action is the only way to move forward. Yet in doing so one always surrenders themselves to the mercurial temper of lady fortune. This is something that I believe everybody innately understands. And I think this relates back to your other discussions regarding the importance of character. Who you are determines what you will do and what you do will ultimately determine who you become.

    Anyway, great podcast as usual.

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