You Can’t Stampede People (Podcast)

A young woman from a conservative culture asks a relationship question. She is very fond of her boyfriend, an American man. She wants to move things in the direction of marriage, but the young man is ambivalent. He keeps putting her off. She wants to know what she can do to deal with the situation.

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“Should I Reopen A Closed Chapter?” (Podcast)

A reader reaches out to ask a question that’s been troubling him.  He was recently re-contacted by an ex-girlfriend from several years ago.  She appears to want to start over again with him, but he has his doubts and hesitations.  Should he re-open this closed chapter of his life, or should he keep his distance?  We discuss.

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Two Questions From Readers: A Failed Relationship, And A Career Question (Podcast)

In this podcast, we deal with two different questions from two different readers.  The first question is from a girl who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and can’t decide if she should “give it a second chance.”  There are complications.  The second question is from a high school student who wants to know how he can combine a “great books” program with military school.  We offer some thoughts.

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“Should I Forgive An Abusive Father, And Re-Establish Contact With Him?” (Podcast)

This is probably the most serious question I’ve ever received from a reader.  A very heart-felt email from a man who is faced with an extremely difficult situation: he has been contacted by a dying father who abandoned and abused him as a child, and who now wants to have contact with him.  He is unsure whether he should re-establish contact.  We offer some suggestions on how to arrive at a decision.

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A Relationship Question, And More G Manifesto Tweet Readings (Podcast)

This podcast is in two parts. The first part deals with a good question I received today from a girl who emailed me about a relationship question.  She wants to know the best way to break up with a guy.  The second part is a reading of some G Manifesto tweets, just to have a few laughs.  Listen to these amusing tweets, as I try to control my laughter.

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Two Relationship Questions From Readers (Podcast)

This podcast deals with two different questions I recently received:

1. A guy in his early 20s feels like his girlfriend is holding him back and smothering him, but he’s not sure how to handle the situation.
2. A girl in her 20s is feeling frustrated that she can’t find the kind of long-term relationship that she would like to have.

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Sometimes You Have To Be Wrong (Podcast)

Our society places too much emphasis on the individualistic need to win every argument, to be right in all things, and to impose our will on others. Sometimes, you need to swallow your pride and let things go for the sake of preserving harmony. Stop trying to be “right” all the time. You will find yourself feeling better, less stressed out, and more at peace. Sometimes, being good is more important than being “right.”

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Repairing Strained Or Broken Relationships


A subject not often discussed is the topic of how to repair strained or broken relationships.  It is one that comes up in everyone’s life, so it will be useful to make a few suggestions about it here.  We will talk about relationships involving friends, family, and lovers.

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