Acknowledging The Debts To Our Predecessors

In his treatise On the Nature of the Gods, Cicero points out a shameful personal weakness of the philosopher Epicurus.  What was this character flaw?  It was Epicurus’s congenital inability to admit that he had ever been influenced by the thinkers that preceded him.  Cicero states:

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Archimedes, The Sand-Reckoner


The greatest of all ancient scientists, and the only one fit to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Newton, Galileo, and Einstein, was born in Syracuse, Sicily, around 287 B.C.  He happened to be the son of an astronomer named Pheidias; and perhaps this fact played some role in the selection of his career.  He moved to Alexandria after completing his schooling in Greek Sicily, for Alexandria was in those days the Mediterranean world’s capital of learning.

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