The Fable Of Aridaeus of Soli


Plutarch’s essay On God’s Slowness to Punish (563C et seq.) relates a vivid fable on the punishments meted out to those to commit evil acts in their lives.  It also relates to us the requirements and possibilities for moral redemption.

The fable takes the form of an out-of-body experience that has much to say about ethics and human responsibility.  But it is parable rich in metaphor and meaning.  Readers can interpret it in a variety of ways.

This is the story.

There was a native of the town of Soli named Aridaeus.  He indulged himself in every type of sensual and mortal passion that he could, and was undeterred by the effects that these pursuits caused to others.  He quickly exhausted his money, and turned to a life of crime.  His sole motivation was profit and gain.

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