Some Observations On Classic Greek Art, And Its Lessons For Today

I have spent the past two days in Athens seeking out some of the monuments of classic Greek art.  I have tried to see as many works of art and architecture as was reasonably possible, and thought I would here provide the impressions gained from these observations.

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Beauty Seeks Beauty, And Ugly Seeks Ugly


Essayist and Japan observer Alex Kerr wrote a very perceptive collection of essays on Japanese culture and his experiences with it.  The book was released in the 1990s and was called Lost Japan.  I admire the book very much.  The essays in the book are unified by one theme:  his quest for the hidden beauty of things.

One of the many engaging stories he told in the book was how he (basically accidentally) got into art collecting.  He noticed that many Japanese antiquities were undervalued and underpriced.  So he bought a few of them.

And then he bought more of them.

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