Some Recommended Books For Boys

In the past I’ve resisted the idea of making lists of recommended books.  One gets the sense that the instant something is committed to a list, many will assume that the list is exclusive, and that other options should not be considered.  There is also a personal feeling of distaste I have towards the “listicle” writing format:  it seems trite, simplistic, and geared towards the lowest attention span reader.

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Cover Art For My Books Is Now Available In Special Products

In response to some questions I’ve been getting since the release of Sallust, I’ve decided to offer the cover art for all of my books in a variety of products.  The website can be found by clicking here.  Once there, click on the “Products” tab to see all the different merchandise available.

Imagine having the high-resolution image above (or images from any of my book covers) on your cell phone case, coffee mug, or t-shirt.  The list of available items is impressive:

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Will Digitization Of Books Become A Covert Form Of Censorship?

In most situations it is not technology itself that is the problem, but rather how that technology is used.  Motivations and objectives of the users matter far more than the medium.  Consider the so-called “digitization” of books:  we can say that it has the potential both for good and evil.  On the one hand, its proponents can praise the fact that the digitization of old or rare books has made them available to more people than ever before.  There is merit to this view.

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