“How Do I Transition From Youth To Middle Age?” (Podcast)

A reader emails me and asks for advice and guidance on how to navigate the passage from youth to middle age. But there are no magic answers, no magic wands. You have to keep moving forward, keep working on yourself, keep focusing on mind, body, and responsibilities. But I also detect some other things in his email, things that are unsaid. We discuss.

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7 Observations About Getting Older


I’ve gotten questions now and then about what it’s like to get older.  How do I keep my mental and physical fitness like you?  How do my thoughts change?  How do my relationships change?  

It’s a question that deserves an in-depth discussion, since the answers are complicated.

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What Is It Like To Get Older?


One of the questions that I’ve been asked a lot these days is how one’s perceptions change about things as one gets older. A lot of younger guys in their twenties or thirties want to get a glimpse of what lies around the corners of life that they will be approaching soon.

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