The Genius Of The Iliad

About a year and a half ago, I listened to an audio book translation of the Iliad.  I like listening to audio books in my car as I drive around during the day; I can control the content of what I hear, and can avoid listening to the news.  It had been a long time since I had had any extended exposure to the poem, and was wondering if it might mean more to me than it did many years ago.  The full appreciation of works of literature, we all know, is often time-specific.  At one point in a man’s life, a book may seem like a tiresome bore; then, with a refreshing interval of years, the same work can hit you like a bolt of lightning, activating previously dormant or attenuated perceptions.

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Stephen Mitchell’s “The Iliad”

I like to listen to audiobooks when driving around.  News doesn’t interest me as much as in years past, and I can get what I want from websites.

I recently rented Stephen Mitchell’s new translation of The Iliad from my city’s library, thinking I would give the old tale another chance.  I had read bits and pieces of it in years past, but it had never seized my imagination.  But tastes change, and our perspectives change with our own life experiences, and it is good to give some things a second look.

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