The Architect Of The Imagination

Man was born for action.  Even if he does not know this–especially if he does not know this–his physical being revolts from long intermissions of supine inertia, and craves the physical release of the violent contest.  This is part of his blood-spirit, his irreconcilable inner Being.  He can try to deny this, and he can try to avoid the consequences of this reality; but in the end the same simple truth returns to stare him in the face.  Even the corpulent sloth will light up like a pinball machine when asked to discuss topics that are of intense interest to him; he will leap out his chair, gesticulate wildly, and hold forth on that topic to which all his energies are directed.  Within him is that fundamental desire for action, and this no amount of subcutaneous body fat can suppress.

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What Is The Imagination?

What is the imagination?  We discuss some of its features:

1. The pervasive nature of ambiguity, and what it means for the imagination.

2. The bridge or isthmus between the physical and spiritual worlds.

3. The microcosm and the macrocosm.

4. Existence as being identical to imagination.

5. The importance of dreams.

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