A Dose Of Pascal


Flipping through my Pascal today, after taking a break from the editing of On Duties.  There is a good deal of satisfaction that comes with seeing a grand project come to fruition.  I like to relax with Pascal every now and then, and let his spiritual intensity swirl about me, just as steam hisses and curls off the glowing stones of the sauna.

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Blaise Pascal On The Universe And Man


Some statements of philosophers are so transcendent, and so soaring in imaginative power, that they require little or no comment.  I found one such passage today in a book that in recent years has come to be one of my favorites:  Pascal’s Pensées.  I love Pascal because I can open his book at random, any time I feel the need, and feel his spiritual fingers gripping my throat with every sentence.  He is not only a philosopher, but a saint.

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