A Tale Of Grapes And Greed


The Sufi order called Qadiri was founded by Abdul Qadir Gilani Al Amoli (1077–1166).  He was born at Nif, which lies to the south of the Caspian Sea.  The Qadiriyya Order is a large one and has many adherents in the Islamic world.

There is a teaching story that I came across recently that reminded me of some of the stories told by the Stoics.  It stands for the idea that the right thing must be done for the right reason; and that actions without pure motives remain worthless.

I have adapted this story from Indries Shah’s The Way of the Sufi.

A peasant once planted come vines out of a desire to create something beautiful and produce something of worth.  But the vines he planted were the type of vine that only bore fruit after many years.

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