Pantheon Is Now Available

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My second book, Pantheon, is now available.  You can find out all the specific details on the book and its contents by clicking on the “books” tab in this website’s home page, and then selecting “Pantheon.”

It is offered in both paperback and in Kindle reader.   

What is the book about?  I am concerned with what makes men great, or greater.

To probe this question, we must rely on historical and biographical example, as well as the hard-won wisdom from life’s rough-and-tumble.

So, we are building on the foundation laid in Thirty-Seven to make the edifice of self-knowledge stretch higher and higher. As the spires reach skyward, so do we.

If we can keep company with the best of men, we cannot help but become better.  Nature has endowed us with a lively curiosity about the workings of personality and character; and we should make use of this inquisitive nature to better ourselves.

That man who is indifferent to the higher things in life will not be swayed by appeals to such principles.  But we do not direct our efforts to such a man.

The example of moral good, and glorious actions, cannot fail to inspire awe in the idealistic man.  It is to him that my book is directed.

If we can provide a consistent example of virtuous deeds and conduct, we can fill the idealistic heart with a dominating purpose.

This purpose is my purpose.

My intention is for you to embark on the conquest of your world.  I have forged the sword.  And now you must grasp the pommel.

And we cannot help but generate action, and a noble purpose, which is the first step in self-realization.


Help me, O Muse, and carry my words aloft,

On swift and airy currents, that they may solace

The expectant calls of seeking hearts.

Countdown To Pantheon

My second book, Pantheon, is on schedule to be released this week.  It is the culmination of a great deal of effort on my part.

I have forged the sword.  It is now for you to grasp the pommel.

Pantheon is a longer (35% longer, to be precise), more complex, and more textured work than my first book.  We continue our exploration of history, biography, and philosophical problems, with a continuing emphasis on character and Fate.

Compared with Thirty-Seven, there is a much greater emphasis here on the perfectibility of man’s soul, the resolution of moral problems, and the union with the Divine.

Many of the essays in Pantheon are greatly extended and reworked pieces that have appeared at Return of Kings.  I consider these to be the definitive versions of these essays.  But there are also many new essays, including:

Prologue (A historical fiction narrative)

The Ghost Of Christopher Hitchens (A philosophical dialogue)

The Fortress Of The Mind

On Detractors

On Conflict

On Grief

Smashing The Paradigm

The Source-Book Of Plotinus (a treatise on Neoplatonism)

The Consolation Of The Natural World


The essays are extensively documented.  As before, I have made a point of reading sources in their original languages, whether it be Latin, Arabic, or Portuguese.  The footnotes form an integral part of the text.

Platonism also makes a strong appearance here.  One chapter constitutes nearly a book-within-a-book, and proposes to instruct the reader, in a step-by-step way, in the basic tenets of Neoplatonist philosophy.  I consider this subject to be an important one for the creative and probing mind.

I can say with confidence that there cannot be found another book quite like this one in the contemporary literary scene.

A further announcement will follow when the book actually makes its appearance.

It is hoped that readers will now not begrudge this exhausted writer some rest.  I will shortly turn, bleary-eyed, to a much-deserved trip to a favorite foreign destination.  Life is short, and the advance of time must never dull our appreciation of the rewards of an active and fruitful regimen.