A Professional Translator Shares His Thoughts

[A reader of Stoic Paradoxes contacted me recently and shared some of his experiences and adventures gained from many years of translating.  I told him that his ideas would make for a great guest post here.

His language is expertise is Japanese, a language that I am not proficient in.  But it is interesting that translators all face the same challenges, more or less, regardless of the language they are working in.

His comments highlight one of the things I mentioned in a recent article about translating.  It is the idea that you sometimes need to set things aside, and come back to them later, with a new and refreshed perspective.

His article appears below.]

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What I Learned From Translating

I recently published a translation of Stoic Paradoxes, a work of ethical philosophy.  It was without doubt one of the most difficult projects I had undertaken, for reasons that I will try to explain here.  Translating is a vastly different experience from conventional “writing.”  You have to use an entirely new set of motor skills.

Here are some of the lessons I took away from the project:

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