The Launch

And now we begin the great journey.

I had resisted getting a website at first.

But I soon came to realize that for me, as a writer, having my own platform was the best way to amplify my voice.

This site is the result.  The launch of this ship is a beginning, but will have no end.

“Choice is not an end,” the Renaissance scholar Francesco Filelfo tells us, “but chooses things related to an end.”  [De Exilio, III.148]

I will try to keep posts here to an enlightened minimum, being aware that brevity is the soul of mercy, as well as wit.  Selection of fresh material and allotment of space will be primary concerns.

The pervading themes here will be the topics covered in my books, and others, as the opportunity arises.

And as we relate our stories, we relate ourselves:  de nobis fabula narratur.  

Thank you, patient reader.