Pantheon: Adventures In History, Biography, And The Mind


My next book, Pantheon, is nearing completion.  It is expected to be released in late March or early April 2015.  Like Thirty-Seven, it will also be a collection of essays.  The themes of the book are:  redemption through suffering, the importance of masculine character, victory through perseverance, the finding of a moral purpose, and the glory of struggle.

But this is a more ambitious project than my previous effort.  A conscious effort has been made to examine sources in their original languages.  There are some efforts at historical fiction, as well as philosophical dialogues.  Most differently, I have summarized and condensed the entire text (all fifty-four treatises) of Plotinus’s Enneads.  It almost forms a book-within-a-book.  The Enneads is the foundational text of Western mysticism, and I have long felt that a basic knowledge of this subject is essential for any man seeking to journey inward, as well as outward.  Much has been written on the physical journeys required by man; we must now explore the inner journey.

More will be posted as information becomes available.