My First Podcast: Part One Of A Lecture Series On Stoicism

I have decided to add podcasts to the content offered on my site.  There is a refreshing value in mixing the presentation of material by audio, along with material already offered in a written format.

Because of the many questions I receive on Stoicism, and the enduring interest in this subject, I have decided to give a series of 10 lectures on Cicero’s Stoic Paradoxes.

I published a translation of Stoic Paradoxes in September, and this lecture series will explain and explore the themes of this work.  Those who have not read the work will find these lectures to be a good introduction to it, while those who have already read it will benefit from the additional review.

Since this is the first podcast I’ve made, I appreciate the feedback of listeners.  I expect things to become additionally refined as we move forward.