“Stoic Paradoxes” Lecture 4: Discussion Of Paradoxes 1 And 2

This is our fourth lecture on Stoic Paradoxes.  In the first three lectures, we discussed some important background information: the life of Cicero, the basics of Cicero’s thought, and a summary of Stoic fundamentals.

In this 15-minute lecture, we get into the book proper, with a discussion of the book’s first two propositions:

  1.  That what is honorable is the only true good.
  2. When a man has virtue, he will lack nothing for proper living.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

By the time you’ve gone through my book and we conclude this lecture series, you will know Stoicism better than any college professor.

Brought to you courtesy of Fortress of the Mind Publications.  


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