The Complete Lecture Series On “Stoic Paradoxes” And “On Moral Ends”

In 2015 and 2018, I made a series of podcasts discussing Cicero’s Stoic Paradoxes and On Moral Ends.  In response to continuing interest and questions, I thought it would be useful to provide all the links to these lectures in one place.  Having all of them consolidated can be a real convenience, and I want to do everything I can to assist students and general readers.  The most benefit can be gained from these podcasts if listeners also have the texts of my translations of these works.

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Now Available: The Audio Book Of “Stoic Paradoxes”

The audio book of my translation of Cicero’s Stoic Paradoxes is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.  You can find it by clicking on the image above.  The audio book is complete and unabridged; it contains the complete texts of Stoic Paradoxes, as well as the Dream of Scipio, along with summaries and commentary.

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Lecture On “The Dream Of Scipio”: The Out-Of-Body Experience, The Nature of Glory, And The Immortality Of The Soul

This lecture discusses Cicero’s visionary essay The Dream of Scipio which I included at the end of my book Stoic Paradoxes.  It relates a philosophical conversation arising from an out-of-body experience high above the Earth.

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“Stoic Paradoxes” Lecture 7: Only The Wise Man Is Wealthy


Welcome to the seventh and final lecture in our series on Stoic Paradoxes.

In this lecture, we discuss some of the most critical points of Stoic ethics:

  1.  What is wealth?
  2. Who can be considered wealthy?
  3. Is the wise man rich?  If so, in what way?

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Please feel free to email also, if you have questions about any of the ideas discussed here.

This podcast was brought to you courtesy of Fortress of the Mind Publications.  

“Stoic Paradoxes” Lecture 6: Wise Men, Fools, Free Men, And Slaves

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope the next few days will be a time for reflection and relaxation.

And thanks for joining us in our next lecture on Stoic Paradoxes.  In this lecture, we discuss some of the most critical doctrines in Stoic ethics:

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“Stoic Paradoxes” Lecture 5: Misdeeds Are Equal, And Good Deeds Are Equal


Fortress of the Mind Publications brings you the fifth lecture in our series on Stoic Paradoxes.

In this lecture, we discuss the following proposition:  misdeeds are equal, and good deeds are equal.

Is this true?  If so, to what extent?  And what does it mean for us?

Join us here (for SoundCloud) or here (for iTunes) to find out the answers…