“How Can I Best Adapt Myself To A Foreign Culture?” (Podcast)

A reader is moving to a foreign country and needs advice on how “to best integrate” himself into the local culture.  He has lived abroad before, but is looking for tips on what to expect, and what attitude to adopt.

What is the best way to approach this? What types of challenges will he face?

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One thought on ““How Can I Best Adapt Myself To A Foreign Culture?” (Podcast)

  1. Quintus: right now, I’m listening to your podcast from a cafe in Trieste, Italy. Despite my love for several languages, I made the basic mistake of not having sufficiently learnt basic Italian phrases prior to visiting this elegant city. Given my intelligent self, I failed at this basic preparation.

    My award for this failure should be a medal made of lead & tin.

    Back in 2012, I had made the decision to visit Trieste, from which I could have prepared then. I kept putting the Italian aside as I continue to study three other languages.

    Point being: my trip has not been as socially fruitful as I would’ve liked. However, some did know English & Spanish (so, all was not lost). Upon my return to New York, I plan to hit the Italian grammar book & change this defect man. Thank God, I know Spanish, which will make Italian easier to learn.

    For all of Curtius’ listeners: don’t make the stupid mistake I’ve made. Otherwise, you’ll really become socially stumped. It hasn’t been a good feeling (believe me!).


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