Some Bits Of Travel Advice

It is very easy to find travel advice.  It gushes in currents, like the waters of a melting glacier, carrying all before it.  I have no desire here to provide an exhaustive laundry-list of action items; my goal is only to toss out a few thoughts on the subject that have come to me in recent days.  I recently read the following travel recommendations which appear in Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson.  They are taken from a letter he wrote to one Mr. Perkins in 1782, when Johnson was 73 years old:

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“How Can I Best Adapt Myself To A Foreign Culture?” (Podcast)

A reader is moving to a foreign country and needs advice on how “to best integrate” himself into the local culture.  He has lived abroad before, but is looking for tips on what to expect, and what attitude to adopt.

What is the best way to approach this? What types of challenges will he face?

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