How Two Guys Started A Knife Manufacturing Business (Podcast)


In this podcast episode, I interview the co-founder of, a homegrown Canadian knife manufacturing business started by two regular Canadian guys with vision and guts.  Their story will impress you.

What does it take to succeed in business?

They’re attracting attention for their design philosophy, product performance, and dedication to the highest quality.  A motivating story.

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2 thoughts on “How Two Guys Started A Knife Manufacturing Business (Podcast)

  1. Different from the usual but very educational nonetheless. About quality, I think what you said is true. Quality will speak for itself.

    I think in terms of lowering pricing for services, products etc. it shows that the person has no respect for themselves. I was once told by a passing business mentor that the quality will speak for itself, if you’re good but lower yourself down to inferior competition you disrespect yourself. There are those out there that still respect good quality but you just need to be noticed.

    There does seem to be a resurgence of purchasing fewer but higher quality goods. I hope they hit the big time and wonder if they’ll ever make a UK spec EDC as the knives look great.

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