“How Can I Develop My Aggressive Instinct?” (Podcast)


A young wrestler writes and asks how he can cultivate his aggressive spirit.

He has strong willpower, but something could be holding him back in his recent matches. What’s happening? And how can he break through this barrier?

We explore some answers…

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3 thoughts on ““How Can I Develop My Aggressive Instinct?” (Podcast)

  1. Working out and rugby hey check out the film the 13hr hour by Michael bay. In general he does more action than character development but this film I think is his best.


  2. Some more sound advice.

    Personally I would not see as aggression as a vector but more of a multiplier but like said, aggression can lead to blindness creating vunerablities leading you down any unwanted direction.

    I personally think it maybe intention.

    I remember this from my old fencing days (fairly high level British teams and national levels). I was drilled that every action must have intent. Same with muay thai now, my intent is to break his body and his will in each competition. Every kick must have the same intent to break his ribs and every punch to knock him out. Again and again.

    If you lack intent it creates doubt, and doubt is a dangerous thing that can eat away at a person.


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