How Can I Develop Motivation? (Podcast)


This important podcast focuses on motivation.  It’s a critical subject for everyone.

How can a person develop or sustain motivation?  We examine the following:

1. The nature and quality of motivation.

2. The five sources of motivation.

3. Two incentives for positive mental change.

4. The mechanics of refining and polishing one’s motivation.

Brought to you by Fortress of the Mind Publications.  This podcast can be found on SoundCloud, YouTube, and on iTunes.

6 thoughts on “How Can I Develop Motivation? (Podcast)

  1. Great podcast, I definitely feel more motivated after listening to this. Though I’d like to add that willpower/motivation can be increased through diet. There is actually research that shows that willpower is glucose. So many people that suffer from poor motivation or a lack of willpower are actually not getting enough glucose in their diet.

    Proper nutrition is what increases willpower.


  2. Another quality podcast to wake up to and especially relevant when I was studying today. Fast becoming a great weekend ritual to wake up and have breakfast whilst listening to you. Easily one of my favourite, if not my favourite site to visit during past year.

    On your thoughts of willpower, you noted that people either have it or don’t. I agree but do you also wonder why that is the case? Personally I have not figured it out yet.

    Also I have written to you and commented at a much larger frequency now I have made a much larger effort to support your work but this also had me thinking. I always wonder what mentors think of their students and have mentioned it to the ones I meet in real life. I try to repay the knowledge they teach me but sometimes I feel some what inadequate (Vastly more experienced, powerful and rich) but they say that a willing and interested student is enough. They seem to be motivated and content just mentoring a tenacious, albeit naive youth.

    What your personal thoughts are on the subject of teacher and student dynamics?



  3. Great insights. A huge source of motivation in my youth has been a combination of necessity and fear. It pushed me very far. However, once you achieve your goals and beyond, how do you keep motivated ? I struggle with this right now and it is not easy to switch automatically to a new inner source of motivation. It is said that greed is a great motivator, and I feel guilty that I am not even able to be greedy enough.

    Another great take away for me is to do a little everyday. Will power is great to get started, but then it is vital to channel that will power into the development of good habits. In that way, you do not waste mental energy and function on autopilot towards your goals come good days or bad.

    Great work as usual Curtius!


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