“I Don’t Feel Challenged By My Job” (Podcast)


I comment on an article written by a junior officer who doesn’t feel challenged by his job and is disillusioned with it.  This is the article I’m referring to:

We’re Getting Out Of The Marines

I respond with some thoughts of my own.

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3 thoughts on ““I Don’t Feel Challenged By My Job” (Podcast)

  1. Work with new challenges daily. Routine kills creativity and growth. Make your life more challenging by not tolerating the same result but making the bar higher with new found reseach and knowledge in different fields.


  2. I have to say that I find that a routine for some things frees me up to spend energy on other things. When I was home raising five children, I found that making a routine for the things that simply had to get done- cleaning bathrooms, laundry, grocery shopping, allowed me to let those things go on “autopilot” and enjoy the things that really resonated with me(teaching the kids to read, being available to my husband when he walked in the door after work.) I think the trick is figuring out which things can be made routine, and which things require your attentiveness.

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