Mentorship, Progressive Blindness, And Finding The Good In Things (Podcast)


We deal with two questions in this podcast. A reader asks whether he needs a mentor to find success. In the second part of the podcast, we hear from the writer Jorge Luis Borges on how he triumphed over his blindness by creating a new reality for himself.  He tells us how he was able to find the good in the midst of darkness.  It’s an inspiring story and a critical lesson.

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3 thoughts on “Mentorship, Progressive Blindness, And Finding The Good In Things (Podcast)

  1. Thank you for another thought provoking podcast to listen to whilst I exercise.

    In terms of mentorship where you mentioned building a composite or a variety of mentors. No man can be great at everything, so has this not always been the case?

    For example I listen to these podcasts and to the advice you have given me in topics that require great analytical skill or when extracting lessons from the ancient texts. My other mentors increase my business acumen and fuel my drive for competition.

    Personally, I think mentors are only a part of the equation. Success can still be obtained as there are others sources such as books like you mentioned. A mentor just makes the path clearer and can highlight potential pitfalls in your journey.

    I think a quality mentor has always been difficult to find therefore you must try to pay back what has been passed on to you and pay it forward to future students.

    Life is short and being bettering yourself will always require work.

    (Hope my writing is getting better and less convoluted)

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  2. Well said. I enjoy these type of podcasts the most as it highlights lessons that allow me to be more well prepared in the future.

    (Noticed some typos in my previous comment, will carry on working on my writing skills)


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