Is The World Worse Today Than It Used To Be? (Podcast)


We often get the impression that the world is in chaos, and that the proverbial sky is falling down. Yet our perceptions are distorted by factors that we often fail to appreciate. We discuss some of them.

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6 thoughts on “Is The World Worse Today Than It Used To Be? (Podcast)

  1. I’m assuming one of the email you referred to is mine.

    I’m quite disappointed by your response, but I guess I’m asking the wrong people and not taking the initiative myself.

    The issue has nothing to do with the media as it is something that I’ve experienced personally along with many other men I know. These are things I see in the world around me with my own eyes, no television or internet required. It also has nothing to do with whether things are worse now compared to the past or not; I believe in human ability to overcome any challenges, which is exactly why I am frustrated by the complacency and lack of action on part of men.

    The degenerates are continuing to spread their garbage around the world and the corrupt individuals on the top are abusing their powers and expanding control over the population. And I’m just supposed to sit around like a frog in a boiling pot? What’s the point of focusing on my own life just to enable abusers and give into the putrid society? Whatever happened to ‘liberty or death’? Men are supposed to act and fight.

    I may not have gotten a direct answer from you, but it is clear to me now what must be done.



    • No one is saying you should just sit on your hands and do nothing. I don’t know how you got that conclusion.
      If you need to take action, take action. Run for office. Start a business that can help make a difference. Start a media company. Get your message out there. You can do what you want to do. No one is stopping you.
      Who said anything about doing nothing?
      The point is that we need to keep things in perspective. Too many guys get depressed about what they see around them, and forget that the world has been through it before. And sometimes in a much worse way.


  2. My apologies if I got the wrong impression. I asked when men should start pushing back and how, and you answered by saying we should forget about what’s happening in the world via the media and focus on our own lives. That’s where I got the impression that you only want us to focus on self-improvement and not do anything about the world.

    But you’re right. No one is stopping me from acting and I don’t need anyone’s approval.

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  3. I would honestly say I side more with Corey on this one however you are right that it is easy to lose perspective especially as a younger man.

    Whatever the frustrations and anger we may have, the rules of the game have changed. Currently I am trying to adapt and play the game by the new ruleset to get where I want to be but to be honest, it feels as though I lose a small part of my integrity each time.

    I just hope during the journey I don’t lose too much of myself in the process.


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