Nature Or Nurture?

In this podcast, a reader has a question about nature and nurture.  Which one, he wonders, has the most influence in forming our identities?  The answer is complicated, of course.  But some general points can be stated.  We close with a reading of the Epilogue to my book Thirty-Seven.


Brought to you by Fortress of the Mind.  This podcast can be heard in various platforms, including Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play.  

One thought on “Nature Or Nurture?

  1. Excellent podcast to reflect on.

    This just affirms to take the direction that we want and try to silence the outside voices that try to force us to deviate from our calling. You’re correct, as of right now there is a sense of uncertainty and fear but using fear as motivation has been what I have been doing to frame it into a more positive force instead of a restriction.

    I guess it’s funny that few understand an individual’s passion to wring out everything they can from life. Maybe most are too comfortable to understand? Well that’s how I try to reason it.

    T.V hasn’t been my thing for a while but The Chef’s Table seems like an interesting watch, I’ll give it a watch during some down time.

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