You Do What You Have To Do To Survive (Podcast)

A recent news article talks about how young, unemployed urban Greeks are leaving the city to return to agricultural work in the countryside.  They’re producing and marketing their own products directly to consumers.  It’s part of a wider economic trend that has a lot of positive features.

In life, you do what you have to do to survive.

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3 thoughts on “You Do What You Have To Do To Survive (Podcast)

  1. Spain & Italy may perhaps experience the same outcome with their unemployed graduates. Especially Spain; she contains a lot of farmland & near empty villages once teeming with a healthy agrarian class. It would be wonderful to see those farming villages come alive again with organic farmers providing specialty products.

    Quintus: as you’ve said… it’s hard to predict where all of this is going. Globalism was basically an overloaded circuit board that blew out.

    If anything, the global economic crisis will force people into practicalities resulting in new, or reconfigured forms of traditionalism. That is to say: keep it basic for the 21st century. With the basics, there is clarity.

    And when there is clarity, the reset for rebuilding begins. Such is the way for there is no other way, but that way.

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