The Continued Progress Of The Plutocratic Insurgency (Podcast)

This podcast accompanies my most recent article. In it, we explore two additional dimensions of the “plutocratic insurgency”: (1) the techno-palaces of the global elite, and (2) the creeping confiscation of public lands by private actors. The end result of these two trends is to accelerate the already destabilizing wealth imbalances in societies across the globe.


This podcast is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Google Play.  

Read more about the degenerative effects of luxury and corruption in my innovative new translation of Sallust.  

5 thoughts on “The Continued Progress Of The Plutocratic Insurgency (Podcast)

  1. Curtis, I wanted to write that I believe that you misguided on this subject. Please watch John Stossel’s video(s) regarding the benefits of privately managed public spaces. The true EVIL is government. Governments are NOT the friends of their citizens.


    • Government is an institution like any other. When it has been captured and controlled by plutocratic interests, and is used as an instrument to benefit the few rather than the many, then it can be said to be an evil.
      But in the hands of enlightened leadership, government can act as an important agent of reform. This has happened many times in the past. Leadership and character are what matters; a nation needs good leaders with the right worldview.
      But this idea that government is “always” bad, no matter what, and big business is always good for the public: this is not true. This is propaganda spewed out by big business to distract people from basic truths.


    • As Q stated, it all depends on the leadership of the body. The government is an organisation like any other where it is able to a force for good or evil.

      A government with good, virtuous leadership is reflected in its society. In addition, it provides order that is much needed in a populace. Another example would be “traditional religion” which provided moral structure and where religion can be a net positive for society no matter what you believe.

      Hard choices are upon us. I myself have been exposed to these sort of societies and the lifestyle can be very tempting as you can do as you please (If one country declines you can easily relocate to another haven you own in a different country). However is it a life of meaningful virtue? That I can answer with a definite no. To stand up for what is right is more worthy than a long life as a coward.

      Hard times indeed, right now few people actually care about these matters but we still need to do what we can to make a stand.

      Thoroughly enjoyed this follow up Q. As always, keep dishing out the hard truths.


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