David Mamet’s Film “Redbelt” (2008) (Podcast)

In this podcast we discuss David Mamet’s 2008 film Redbelt.  This is a great movie, and a worthy addition to his long line of films that explore the moral and ethical problems that men face as they try to reconcile their personal creeds with the world’s corrupting influences.  How we resolve this struggle will define what kind of man we are.  Mamet instinctively understands the necessity of masculine virtus in a world characterized by shifting loyalties, fair-weather friends, and moral corruption; this makes him, in a sense, the most “virtuous” filmmaker today.


This podcast can be heard in a number of formats, including YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Google Play.

Here is a trailer for Redbelt:



Read more on these subjects in my books Pantheon and Thirty-Seven.  

5 thoughts on “David Mamet’s Film “Redbelt” (2008) (Podcast)

  1. QC
    I didn’t know he did The Edge. Great movie.
    You ever consider running for office?
    It might cut into your Brazilian travels, but think of the greater good man! 🙂

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    • Hehe…it’s funny, someone else mentioned that to me the other day. I never had politics as a goal in life, as my interests have taken my career in other directions (law and scholarly interests like writing and translating). But I suppose you never know what the future holds.


  2. Quintus, I might have asked this question before, but what websites do you use to watch/stream movies?

    A lot of the movies you review aren’t on sites like Google play for instance.

    Anybody have any good recos for legit sites (accesible from Europe)?


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