“On Duties” Is Now Available As An Audio Book

When Quintus Curtius’s translation of On Duties was first published in 2016, it achieved something few would have thought possible.

It was able to present a classic work of ethical philosophy in a form accessible, understandable, and relevant to a 21st century audience.  Many of these new readers had no previous exposure to classical literature in general or to Ciceronian studies in particular.  With this new On Duties, many were relieved finally to experience a precise translation that was free of the baggage and cobwebs of the past.

This was a book that was actually meant be read, used, and enjoyed, rather than just be another dead tome to sit on the cold shelves.

Its accuracy, clarity, and unique special features–including notes, commentaries, and topical organizational tables–has made it an indispensable tool for both the new reader with no background in the classics as well as the seasoned expert.

Many readers were genuinely surprised to discover that a two-millennia-old Latin ethical treatise could be both enjoyable and relevant to their own lives.  It is not difficult to understand why the book has remained the bestselling title at Fortress of the Mind Publications since its first release.

On Duties is now available as a professionally-read audio book.  British reader Saethon Williams has given the book an engaging voice, at once both fatherly and worldly-wise, that captures the sincerity of Cicero’s practical guidance–advice that was learned the hard way, through years of turbulent experience in politics, law, life, and war.

This audio book adds an entirely new dimension to the experience of On Duties.  Fortress of the Mind Publications is proud to present it to the public.  It is available on both Amazon and iTunes.