Sallust Is Now Available As An Engaging Audio Book

I am pleased to announce that my translation of Sallust’s Conspiracy of Catiline and The War of Jugurtha is now available as an audio book on Amazon and iTunes (click on the image above).

The book is engagingly read by narrator Saethon Williams, who captures Sallust’s stirring narrative style.  These great historical works are not only exciting stories in their own right, but function as timely warnings of the dangers of debased character and moral corruption.

Once part of a regular school curricula in the humanities, Sallust’s name has been allowed to languish in undeserved obscurity outside the world of classical studies for many decades.  Generations of students and readers have been denied the pleasure of his insights.  As listeners will discover, he is more relevant today than ever before.

He is considered the first of the great Roman historians, and his views on history and leadership were formed by his own direct participation at the highest levels of Roman politics.

The book contains a detailed introduction that describes key features of the Roman political and military system during the era of the republic, as well as details about Sallust’s life and writings.

The Conspiracy of Catiline tells the dramatic story of renegade senator Lucius Catiline’s attempt to seize power in Rome during the waning days of the republic. The War of Jugurtha recounts the rise and ultimate destruction of the headstrong Numidian king Jugurtha, who waged an insurgent war against Rome from 112 to 106 B.C.

This translation–fully modern, precise, and contemporary in every sense–restores Sallust to his proper place in the modern consciousness.  His appeals for the need for strength of character and virtue, and his warnings about the dire consequences of moral depravity, have never needed to be heard more clearly than now, in 2018.

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