“On Moral Ends” Lecture Series: Part 1

This podcast is the first of a series of three podcasts that will discuss Cicero’s treatise On Moral Ends.  I have just published an illustrated, annotated translation of this rich and nuanced work, and wanted to introduce readers to the book’s major concepts and arguments.  This podcast discusses the following subjects:

1. The origin and purpose of the work

2. The main ideas of, and arguments for, the Epicurean philosophy

3. The flaws and criticisms of Epicureanism

What you should think about after reading books 1 and 2 of On Moral Ends is this:  what do I think about Epicureanism?  Do I agree with its worldviews?  Does it offer a valid conception of the Ultimate Good?



This podcast can be found on iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Google Play.


On Moral Ends can be found here, and is available in paperback and Kindle versions:

3 thoughts on ““On Moral Ends” Lecture Series: Part 1

  1. Just received the paperback version yesterday and spent a few minutes skimming over before diving in. Biggest reason for getting the book was for the photos, hard to see those on an audiobook. It looks to be very well done and look forward to reading. Curious why there is no hardback available, perhaps down the road.

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    • Thank you, Lee.
      I was, in fact, eventually planning a hardcover edition. It’s just that paperback, Kindle, and audiobook mediums have higher demand, and I wanted those to be produced first.


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