“On Moral Ends” Lectures, Part 2 (Podcast)

This podcast, the second in a series of three, discusses the highlights of books III and IV of Cicero’s “On Moral Ends.” In these two books, Cato and Cicero aggressively debate the merits of Stoicism and its conception of the Ultimate Good. The discussion takes place at Tusculum, Italy, a place that was extensively photographed by the translator in preparation of this work.

When reading books III and IV, ask yourself what you think of the points raised by the disputants. How does Stoicism compare with Epicureanism, in your view?

This podcast is available in iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play, and YouTube.


On Moral Ends can be found here:

3 thoughts on ““On Moral Ends” Lectures, Part 2 (Podcast)

  1. I just bought the book, QC. I look damn much forward to reading it and listening to your lectures. Life’s a bit hectic now, though, because of some personal and professional difficulties. But I suspect that those experiences won’t detract from the insight and energy that I sense are there, waiting for me, in these ancient discourses. Quite the contrary.

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