The World Provides Our Necessities (Podcast)

The world is a provider of necessities.  Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, things have a way of turning around if you keep fighting and stay in the game.  The only way to lose is to be a quitter.  Have faith in the world’s fructifying ability to provide for our needs.


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Read more in the groundbreaking translation of Cicero’s On Duties:

One thought on “The World Provides Our Necessities (Podcast)

  1. I wonder if Quintus Curtius has read about the Eastern philosophy concerning the “Tao”, that is to say, “the way of things”. It is interesting for the views he has expressed seem to resonate with some of the tenants of that philosophy: The universe WILL find a way.

    Life, I suppose, is a river in that regard. Stay afloat, paddle if you have to, and eventually, the current will work with you. Stupendous podcast.

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