Should I Start A Business? (Podcast)

A reader who was a professional poker player for a number of years is getting restless.  He wants to start a business, but has some questions about how he should go about doing it.  We offer some ideas.



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One thought on “Should I Start A Business? (Podcast)

  1. Much appreciated Quintus.

    I quit playing poker for a multitude of reasons, and I never wanted to get back into selling my knowledge because I started playing poker for the lifestyle it offered, not because I loved the game.

    So getting into selling poker knowledge would be more outcome based thinking.

    Right now, I am leaning towards an ecommerce brand, building it from the ground up. Also considering taking content creation seriously.

    I have been missing passion + love in my endeavors before. Always outcome based thinking like “I want to make money” but missing any passion just following the latest trend.

    1 concept I keep coming back to is “Be who you needed back then”

    So I believe I’ll be creating content for my younger self. Will keep you posted.



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