Illusions Of Fitness, Delusions Of Preparedness (Podcast)

In this podcast we talk about the need for true, well-rounded fitness. Some think that getting bulked up in the gym makes them “fit” and ready to take on the world. While this may produce the appearance of fitness, it remains an illusion.

Endurance-related activities promote mental toughness, the ability to withstand pain and deprivation, and a sharpening of the aggressive spirit. These are essential traits that will be needed for the struggles that lie ahead of you in life.



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2 thoughts on “Illusions Of Fitness, Delusions Of Preparedness (Podcast)

  1. I plan on listening to this when I get back to the office.

    I know many men (i have labeled many of them Patriots of Stikamuk County) that fit the stereotype of supposed readiness for rural antigovernment warfare. The irony is that many are over 300lbs, while very few of them are cardiovascular specimens. (I doubt that any of them could survive a simple PRT from either the Navy or Air Force).

    They practice a delusion of fitness themselves. Mental readiness? I would think not. They still actively consume low level entertainment aimed at them from people that oppose them. The “patriots” don’t drill and they don’t have readiness exercises with local groups, either.

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